Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It was cold a little,today.I had a three classes so I finished classes at 2:10.Recently,I go to school by a motor bike.I felt very cold on my way home.It will be cold coming soon.I don't like winter very much but, if it fall snow so much I am exciting and happy.In hirakata,is there fall snow in winter? Last winter, we had snow in Kyoto.It was very beautiful.I wish this winter have a lot of snow.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Today,It took place the "Matobahai".It means the game of tennis.It played with my club mates.Everyday,We played hard for the tournament but today,we enjoyed playing tennis.I won the game one time but the next game was over.I was satisfied.
When I came home,I found that I got the e-mail from my friend.Her name is Yuko.She and I were same high school students and get home together everyday.She has gone to Hawaii to study English.I look up to her because she go to abroad alone without saying nothing anyone.I think she has strong heart.She don't go back Japan by 2 years later but two years after she will go back Kansaigaidai.I look fowerd to meet her someday.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

We had the presen about the thanksgiving day on this Wednesday.It liked the party.I had many foods of the thanksgiving day.I liked mash potates very much.In America,many turkeys are killed because of having for dinner but only one turkey is saved by President,Bush.It is tradition of America.I haven't known that.In Japan, It isn't known about Thanksgiving day but there is a day looks like Thanksgiving day.It is Labor Thanksgiving Day.It is that people thanks for the workers but there isn't have the special
food or event. I envy American because American always celebrate the holidays!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I like tennis ,you know. I have written this blogs almost about tennis,but I didn't always like it.Sometimes I want give up to tennis.I am a freshman,so sophomores of club were complain us.I was tired everyday those days.I was sick because of that.I hated to go to school. Everyday,I was boring.Now I enjoy going to school.I enjoy the club ,too.I will be a sophomore.I will enjoy the school life than now.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I had a part time job yesterday. It was my first time to work. That was watching tennis game and show the game's point.It was easy for me,because I do that everyday in the club.The game took place in ASASHIOBASHI.ASASHIOBASHI is in Osaka, and near the KAIYUKAN.I didn't south Osaka very much so I was excited to go to there.It began early,and finished late. I was tired,but I find that working is wonderful and a lot of fun.